Time with David

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How Much of David Do You Want?

FREE Initial Consultation Call (30 min)

Initial introduction to get to know each other a little better and figure out the best plan for our time together.

1 hour with David (1 hour)

A chance to reflect your life in David. You pick the focus and we are in it together.

Full Day with David (8 hours)

8 hours. A chance to reflect your life in David. You pick the focus and we are in it together.

On-Call Coaching Texting Service (720 hours)

Coaching at your finger tips, as needed, and on-call without having to set-up an appointment. In the moment, access, all month.

Life Languages Profile (1 hour)

The purchase of the profile comes with a complimentary review of your results. Understanding your unique Life Languages Profile is an investment in every relationship of your life. The more aware you are of your communication style, the more powerful you can be in every interaction. Every relationship centers and functions around communication.

A Life Language is a preferred communication style. While everyone has a preferred style, all people speak all 7 languages. Life Languages does not put people in a box but gives a foundation to stand on by raising awareness of self and others and cracking the code to effective communication.

We all want to be seen, heard, and understood at work and at home. Most relationships fail because of miscommunication and misunderstanding; in fact, management consultant and author Peter Drucker says that over 80% of management problems are a result of faulty communication. The solution? We need to understand ourselves and others and learn to bridge the gaps.

Life Languages System of Communication solves this problem. Life Languages is the only communication tool on the market that is both descriptive and prescriptive. The Kendall Life Languages Profile (KLLP) will reveal how you process all incoming and outgoing communication. It will also unlock how to identify and speak the languages of the people around you.

Life Languages helps anyone, anywhere, restore, strengthen, and build on their relationships at home and at work and create a positive and productive environment where people grow and prosper. Since 1985 Life Languages has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals, couples, and organizations around the world revolutionize their communication and relationships.

Your Personal Profile shows all of your seven Life Languages in descending order. It describes how you process incoming and outgoing communication. It is designed for you to understand yourself and therefore others at a deeper level. It goes deep into your learning preferences, acceptance levels, intensity, leadership style, susceptibility to stress, internal control etc. in 24-26 pages of insights, tips, and keys to successful communication

Take a free assessment and find out your top Life Language.  Or, purchase your full personal profile and get a free hour of coaching with me to review it.

Highlands Abilities Battery (2 hours)

This purchase includes the assessment an two hours of follow up review of the results. Highlands Abilities Battery is an assessment of your unique and hardwired brain functions and abilities called aptitudes. Aptitudes are hard wired into your brain. They are not skills, which are learned and developed. Aptitudes are innate. You can do some things and not others. To know those things about yourself allows you to choose work that plays to your nature gifts and abilities. When you do, you more effortlessly excel, you enjoy what you’re doing more, you’re not frustrated by putting so much time doing tasks that are not natural for you. The self knowledge gained from understanding your aptitudes is literally life changing.

Self Discovery Package

We should study ourselves with the same dedication we give to studying any subject in school, or more! Most people have no idea what their gifts are, how they naturally communicate, their life filter, key passion and character strengths, what their aptitudes are, and yet they are trying to navigate life and build a life that is fulfilling. You are the instrument and gift given to the world to do things no one else can, but most of us have no idea what we’ve been given and and what we have to offer. Your design is impacting every relationship, every job, every hobby, joy, fulfillment, success or lack the lack of those. And, time is the one resource that we don’t get to renew, so invest in discovering your unique design, today! Don’t waste another day paying the price of ignorance.

Come away with powerful information to make powerful choices for your life based on how you are designed to function optimally. This is investing in the study and discovery of your uniqueness.  The Life Languages and Aptitude Tests are part of this package and will be administered before hand so that the time together can be spent reviewing the results and discussing the insights together. The power of the insights gleaned cannot be overstated and will be seeds into the soil of the life you want to create for yourself—a life of knowing yourself, a life of choosing the things that make you come alive; a life of intention, purpose, passion and fulfillment.  The insights will impact every career choice, every hobby, every relationship, and perhaps open doors to things you had never considered for yourself that might be the very thing you’ve been looking for. The information is already woven into your very design, we just need to uncover it.

This is perfect for those considering career changes, major life changes, going to college, graduating or in college, unfulfilled in their life and work and unclear about what work will be fulfilling for themselves, those who want to live life with intention and purpose; those who know they are not here by accident but with a purpose and design to do what no one else can do, and who want to discover what that is.



2 Monthly Calls with David (up to 2 hours/per month)

A chance to reflect your life in David. You pick the focus and we are in it together.

4 Monthly Calls with David (up to 4 hours/per month)

A chance to reflect your life in David. You pick the focus and we are in it together.


My Commitment to You

Connect with Life Coach, David Collins

Time with David is a safe space to look at your life, your design, your heart, your desires and dreams and get clear on what you want and the steps to get there. My mission is nothing other than your highest good; to listen without judgement or prejudice, so you can express yourself without fear of shame or condemnation; to allow you to speak, share, question, and examine whatever part of your life is important to you; to be your partner in the pursuit of clarity and wiping away all uncertainty or confusion; to help you clear the path of everything that hinders, blocks, or restricts your joy and peace and fulfillment.

In supporting you on your journey:
  • I will listen for your heart and celebrate it and champion it.
  • I will honor your uniqueness and help you to see it.
  • I will challenge your conclusions and assumptions.
  • I will help reframe your situation and offer perspectives and unseen opportunities.
  • I will offer counsel, advice, and wisdom where appropriate.
  • I will believe in you. I will believe for you.
  • I will show up for you as we work together toward you living a life you love.

That’s what time with me is about.

If you could benefit from having a partner work alongside you in the journey; for a moment, a season or a lifetime, let’s work together.